How to Flourish a Business With Proper SEO Analysis


Proper SEO analysis is the key to a prosperous online business. One of the most beneficial aspects of SEO is keyword analysis. It’s wrong to assume that it’s an easy thing to do, because it’s not. You can do your own analysis, but only if you know what you’re doing. The use of free SEO tools is not enough actually, as these are only capable of producing an estimate of the keywords. You still need an expert who is capable of analyzing the whole scenario and coming up with accurate results. Let’s look at some more detailed points below.

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1. Keyword length. Although it might be easier to rank higher using a longer keyword phrase, it is advisable that you stick with a moderate length. Having 2 to 4 words in a key phrase is an ideal choice, as this provides 100% positive returns. Remember that in any SEO analysis, an overflow of key phrases is totally unnecessary.

2. Daily search volume. Keywords are optimized for the purpose of gaining a large volume of daily search. Take note that different keywords have different search volumes. Those with very high or low search volumes are somewhat not advisable to pick. In many scenarios, a very low search volume could be caused by a lengthy key phrase. A very high search volume could also be ineffective as many website owners are inclined to pick it, creating massive competition. The solution is to pick a keyword/phrase with a moderate search volume.

3. Keyword competitiveness. Competitiveness is another crucial element to look for when choosing a keyword. High competitiveness means many people are promoting the same keyword, and low competitiveness means vice versa. Some keywords may be similar in search volume but different in competitiveness. In an SEO analysis, the best pick would be a keyword with similar search volume but lowest in competitiveness.

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