SEO and SEM – Looking at Their Distinguished Criteria


Some people might regard SEO and SEM as the same thing, but they’re actually not. Let’s begin from the basics to see the apparent differences of these two terms.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s comprised of numerous strategies that could help you in improving your website rankings on search engine pages. The main target is to land a website on the highest position in the first page of any search engines.

SEM stands for search engine marketing and it’s comprised of numerous marketing strategies involving the search engines. It usually employs formal marketing tactics where search engines are used as the promotional platforms. A pay per click program is an example of SEM.

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SEO and SEM might be confused as the same things since they are closely related to each other. This perception needs to be corrected, though, as a complete SEO campaign could be implemented without using any of the elements of SEM. However, when you run an SEM campaign, it means you are running a small part of SEO. In other words, SEO can be regarded as the mother of all campaigns involving the search engine, while SEM is only a small division of SEO.

Having a closer look, you will understand that SEO is more about bringing your URL to the top position of search engines. An effective way of doing this is by employing SEM strategies.

When you look deeper into SEM you will discover that it involves certain marketing strategies performed through the presence of search engines. Campaigns may include the use of keywords and pay per click programs.

Creating the right foundation is crucial before you can gain success from search engine optimization and marketing efforts. While working alone may save some costs, for the sake of long term benefit it’s advisable that you employ an expert team as SEO and SEM require a lot of hard work and critical thinking.

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